AnimeltUP! is a Global Anisong Club event that unites performers and fans from Japan and abroad through anime song. Come together and enjoy the party!

Regular DJs
Guest DJs / VJs
VJs / Lasers
Majyokko (Yurirhythm)
3-11-B1 Akihabara,
Taito-ku, Tokyo-to 110-0006
JR 【Akihabara Sta.】5 minutes walk from Central Gate
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line 【Suehirocho Sta.】 5 minutes walk
JR 【秋葉原駅】中央口から徒歩5分 / 東京メトロ銀座線【末広町駅】徒歩約5分
AnimeltUP! will be streaming on Twitch!
The drinking age in Japan is 20, but minors are welcome at the event. For alcohol purchases, photo ID (passport, etc.) must be presented at the door. A limited number of storage lockers are available on-site for small items. Neither the venue nor event operators are liable for theft of personal items. No outside food or beverage is permitted. 当イベントは未成年の方も入場可能ですが、未成年の飲酒は禁止です。 アルコール購入の際に身分証提示を求める場合があります。 ロッカー数が限られている為なるべく軽装でお越し下さい。 重要品管理は各自でお願い致します。 盗難・紛失は一切の責任を負いかねます。 飲食物の持込は出来ません。
Sunday 14:30~21:00
DOOR ¥3,000 (with 1 Drink)
Assertive is a hardcore producer/DJ from Canada, currently residing in California.
Making music since 2008, he has released original tracks on several compilation albums such as MEGAREX’s Techcore Evangelix series, and also often makes hardcore remixes and bootlegs of anime music. His bootleg (with Mitomoro) of “Shelter” by Porter Robinson & Madeon has been played by DJs around the world, in addition to being supported by Porter Robinson himself.
With experience DJing at anime conventions across the US and at various clubs like MOGRA in Japan, Assertive is excited to once again bring his hardcore sound to Japan! [close]
HYPERLOCK is a DJ and producer based in Los Angeles, California. With a lot of his roots stemming from inspiration towards a plethora of electronic music from all around the world, HYPERLOCK has crafted for himself a style of sound that can be described as euphoric, energetic, and nostalgic. This is best reflected in his works such as his EP “Halo Skies” has well as a magnitude of remixes and bootlegs of other music he enjoys. When DJing, he aims to create a live experience that is both energetic and moving, combining styles and genres seamlessly. [close]
mondaystudio is a DJ and producer introduced worldwide by the very first BOILER ROOM show in Seoul, and also running subculture events like ANISONG HORIZON and OTACOS is South Korea.
mondaystudio plays and produces wide spectrum of underground dance tracks inspired by the internet and otaku/anime culture, but also has diverse performing experiences at the venues like mogra, club asia, ageHa, and some festival/convention events. [close]
Trackmaker and DJ from Yamanashi.
His tracks are pop and catchy, and his music is currently used at parties in Japan and abroad.
He DJs mainly in Tokyo and Yamanashi, and prefers a borderless and fast-paced style of play.
His unique music selection and the atmosphere created by the tracks he has worked on is something to look out for. [close]
Started his career as VJ in 2012 in electronic music events, but he has been broadening the genre of his performances during these years. [close]
Coming from Seoul, South Korea, Lonly is a regular VJ for the Korean anisong event "ANISONG HORIZON"
In 2019, Lonly began VJing as a hobby. Lonly is doing their best to make the audience feel visually awed and has a goal of "VJing beautifully". Lonly is involved in not only Anisong, but also events focusing on gaming and KPOP. Since 2021, Lonly has participated as a VJ in clubs in VRChat as well. [close]
Dj BrainShit
Dj BrainShit's career began in 2009 and in the summer of 2018 he was able to gather valuable experiences thanks through many DJ appearances in Japan, one of which was at mogra. Since then he focuses more on bringing japanese Anikura to Europe! He started the event series "Pon de Beats" in 2019 as an additional way to push Anikura!
When you see Dj BrainShit perform you will witness a very high energy performance that'll be sure to get you to dance and wota! [close]
GuySaaN began his DJ career in 2012. His style of play is based on music harmony, with a strong emphasis on song selection and mixing. He has performed at club events not only in the Kanto area such as Akihabara, Shibuya, and Shinjuku, but also in Tohoku, Kansai, and Shikoku in Japan. He has also performed at venues $ath a capacity of 2,000 people for corporate projects and at the CharaExpo in Singapore.
He is also a product planner of DJ equipment, and his products such as DDJ-400, DDJ-SB3, and XDJ-XZ are popular all over the world. [close]
I'm a Japanese who likes anime songs. I don't speak much English, but anime knows no border. If you like anime, I want you to come to AnimeltUp! so we can have a toast together! [close]
syntho is a moe-bound darkweb DJ that draws sounds from breakcore, drum and bass, club, ket donk, and werks. syntho curates sounds from all across Japan, capturing the moe spirit. Inspired by acts like DJ Newtown(Tofubeats), Silvanian Families, and the sounds of Japan's Netlabel, Soundcloud, and doujin music scene. [close]
DJ and event organizer. Started playing in Tokyo in 2014. Born and raised in Spain, moved to Japan to follow his dreams and to eat sushi.
As a genreless DJ enjoys playing Anison originals and remixes, J-Pop, City Pop, UKG, Bass music, music from the 80s, and more… [close]
Just an art student. Member of VJ team SabaLeoN.
Started VJing when he was a high school student, and with 20 years performed at Re:animation 10th anniversary project KICKOFF PARTY.
He wants to live at MOGRA forever. [close]
Software and hardware hacker since he was 7 years old, marcan loves to tinker with weird devices and systems. He spends most of his time working on open source software and Linux, and he also loves to mess around with lasers and music, preferably together. He wrote his own software framework for laser graphics and the laser effects app he uses at AnimeltUP!. [close]